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The inner critic is real.

You’re the one they turn to for advice and help. You’ve accomplished a lot, and you’ve worked hard for it. You’ve always been the one that others count on for nearly everything.

There’s a part of you, though, that the admiration and caring of others never quite touches. Deep in your heart of hearts, there’s a part of you that is rather certain you don’t deserve it.

This is the part that knows that what you want and need don’t matter nearly as much as keeping the peace. When things don’t go well, this is the part that cringes, because you’re sure it’s somehow your fault.

This is your inner critic.

The inner critic is busy.

You are considered successful, and you often receive praise and recognition. Meanwhile, your inner critic is constantly replaying scenes after the fact and pointing out everything you “should” have said or done differently. “Should” is one of the inner critic’s favorite words.

No matter how much you do, no matter how much others say they appreciate you, the inner critic is always quick to point out that they’re probably only saying it to be nice or to get something from you. Perhaps they just haven’t figured out the truth about you yet.

The inner critic is not correct.

Even though it feels like it’s telling the truth, the real truth is that the inner critic is misguided.

It always seems to be lying in wait to have its say, and it can be extremely harsh in its persistence. It says a lot of pejorative things about you and what you’re doing. And it is very good at making you feel bad.

But once you begin to recognize what the inner critic is actually trying to say (and understand why), huge changes start to happen with how you see yourself and your place in the world.

Learn to translate the inner critic’s language.

In counseling, you will learn about what the inner critic actually is and why it says what it says. You’ll learn how to interpret what it’s actually trying to do, so that you can begin to respond to it effectively.

I’ve helped a lot of people find peace from their inner critics, and I’d like to teach you how to recognize and effectively work with yours too.

Imagine the relief of not questioning and doubting everything – discover peace with yourself.

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