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Couples Therapy

Misunderstanding each other is never-ending.

You really do want things to work out between you, but they’re just getting harder all the time.

It used to be so easy to be together, but now you find yourselves arguing about things you had no idea would ever come up.

It’s like no matter how much you try to explain your side of things, they just don’t (or won’t) get it.

Sometimes it feels easier not to even bother.

What happened to the love you used to share?

And the sex! When did something that used to be so much fun turn into such a problem?

Somehow, sex got awkward and turned into the elephant in the room; and now there doesn’t seem to be a good way to get past it.

You’ve tried to talk about it, but it always ends with someone feeling pressured and someone feeling hurt and rejected.

You just want to feel connected again.

Imagine being able to rebuild your connection. Imagine feeling relief when you get a chance to talk to each other. Imagine feeling at peace with how things are between you.

Knowing that you can express your wants and needs, while being honest about what’s on your mind, sounds wonderful at this stage.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on and see what we can do to change the conversation to one that feels respectful and fair – to one where you both feel heard.

Because feeling happy again is worth it.

Have these questions occurred to you?

Q: My spouse and I still love each other and have a basically good relationship. There are just a few things that we get stuck on sometimes. Would couples therapy help?

A: It’s smart to keep track of the health of your marriage. Just like with other health issues, the sooner they’re addressed, the easier they are to address.

Waiting until a relationship is in critical condition is always an option, but the work will be a lot harder at that point – and the chances for repair will be lower.

Q: My partner and I aren’t having sex. I bet that other couples don’t have this problem.

A: Nope, totally normal. One in five couples stops having sex, but you’d probably never know it because most people think it’s only them and don’t want to talk about it.

Therapy can help address relationship problems between couples.

Contact me today, and together we will work on solutions robbing you of joy in your relationship.