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Pre-marriage Counseling

The wedding planning list is already pretty long

You’re engaged and you can’t wait to start this new chapter of your life together! At this point you know each other so well. You’ve already talked about so many important things that it’s hard to imagine what else could possibly need to be covered.

Is pre-marriage counseling really the best use of your time when you have no big conflicts?  Isn’t counseling supposed to be for couples who are unhappy with each other? 

The truth is that couples who do even a few sessions of pre-marriage counseling are giving themselves benefits that will last a lifetime!

Pre-marriage counseling is an investment in a more stable future

Pre-marital counseling is a uniquely valuable opportunity for any couple. Research shows that couples are much more open to change and compromise before a marriage than after. Adjusting to new information after you tie the knot tends to be associated with higher levels of dissatisfaction and disagreements.

When you meet for a few pre-marriage sessions, it can make talking together about life’s many important situations a lot easier in the long run. When you make sure that these conversations have been meaningfully started before the wedding, you are protecting yourselves from landmines later on. When both partners are willing to listen and learn, premarital counseling becomes an investment you make together to protect what you value most.

Learn what your partner needs now

No couple is the same, but every couple – even happy couples – will disagree about a lot of things over time.

Research shows that couples who are not skilled at reconnecting and turning toward each other in difficulty will not feel as connected or successful in their relationship. Research has also identified what mutually happy and satisfied couples do differently than other couples.

With that in mind, we’ll discuss your own experience, goals, needs, and challenges. We’ll talk about what you’ve learned so far, and what you want for your future together. We’ll take a deeper dive into subjects that you have probably already talked about together already, and we will make sure to cover topics that often catch couples by surprise. 

In addition to offering tools and resources that you will be able to use right away, pre-marriage counseling can also refresh your perspective for what tending your relationship long-term will look like, even when life is busy.

Because life is always going to be busy. And even when you love each other deeply, no relationship is immune from stressors. Learning how to navigate challenges effectively together will give you the best experience of your relationship: now as you celebrate, AND long after your wedding day is a happy memory. 

Set your marriage up for success

A pre-marriage package for new clients includes four pre-wedding sessions and one post-wedding session for $800. (Cost for the same number of sessions paid individually is $1000.) The pre-marriage package is for people who are engaged and who have a wedding date on the calendar. This package is paid up front in one payment and is non-refundable. 

For relationships whose needs exceed the general scope of the premarital package and which require more time or specialized focus, relationship sessions will be the best fit. In these cases, premarital counseling packages will not be recommended.

Let’s meet and talk about your new life together!