You work so hard for everyone else 

It’s time to take care of you

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Virginia

Your anxiety is running high and your battery is running low

No matter how much you do, your list never seems to shrink. It feels hard (sometimes even impossible) to say no when everyone is asking for something from you.

You feel anxious, your worry thoughts are playing on repeat, and you can even feel the tension in your body. It’s hard to remember the last time you had a truly restful night’s sleep.

This can change with CBT

The good news is, there’s a clear path forward to feeling better and thriving. Cognitive behavioral therapy (“CBT”) is the most recommended model for managing anxiety. This evidence-based approach is versatile and robust. Its effects and tools last long after therapy is over.

As a practitioner with over 20 years specializing in this work, I’ll teach you learnable and effective exercises starting in your first session. I can help you learn how to understand the language of the internal pressures that focus so completely on everyone else’s needs that your own never seem to get noticed.

Together, we can set you up with realistic and manageable strategies that will give you a renewed perspective, a renewed mindset, and a renewed sense of hope.

Don’t wait another day to take your life back

I know that life can be busy, but the benefits of addressing your anxiety will give so much back to you that feels impossible right now. Make counseling the next item on your to-do list.

I offer a flexible range of times to meet, including weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Take the next step to feeling like a stronger, happier, more resilient you.

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