Your anxiety shouldn’t get to call the shots.

It’s time to get your life back.

Online therapy for adults in Virginia

Your heart is racing and so are your thoughts.

It’s become all too familiar to feel like this.

Anxiety has really started to limit what you do and where you go.

Even though it feels confining, it also feels safer that way.

The worry just doesn’t stop, and dread hangs over you as you second-guess each choice you make.

You know you need to push through, but it seems each day is worse than the day before. What are you going to do to feel better?

But imagine not feeling stuck and afraid anymore.

Imagine not needing to feel like everything you do is to avoid making the anxiety feeling worse.

I can teach you how to identify, understand, and manage the sources of your anxiety.

Take the first step toward a calmer, happier, more resilient you.

Together, we can equip you with practical and helpful strategies that will give you relief from your anxiety and confidence to live your life the way you want to.

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